Lessons From The Nativity 2 - When Your Wedding Plans Get Shattered

Mary had her share of struggles. Her wedding plans were made, and she looked forward to living a normal life with her husband in Nazareth. Then one day God stepped into her life and told her she would be the mother of the Saviour, the Son of God. Mary responded in faith, "I am the Lord's servant. . . . May your word to me be fulfilled". She was all in, no matter where God's adventure would take her. 


Mary's journey took her with Joseph to Bethlehem. She gave birth there and placed her firstborn son in a manger. In obedience to God, they named him Jesus, because he would be the Saviour of the world. A group of local shepherds showed up without an invitation, babbling about a bright light in the night and a choir of angels, and then they rushed off with shouts of praise. Wow! Mary reflected on these things, struggling to put them together. 


Mary kept on pondering: they received a visit from "wise men" from the East and escaped a massacre by the local king, and later she watched her son die on the cross. Because Mary responded in faith, the Bible calls her blessed, for she believed what the Lord had said. 


During this Christmas season. Are you willing to take God at his word, no matter your circumstances, and believe in Jesus as your Saviour? God's love, displayed for all the world in Jesus, will never let you go. 


Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. (Luke 2:19).


Let's Pray 

Yahshua, increase my faith daily. Father, I know you love me. Guide me to serve and honour you wherever you call me to go. Just, like Mary, Joseph, the Shepherds, and the Wise men. In Christ's name, Amen. 


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