Teaching Your Children About Faith

You may ask how I teach my children about faith. The bible gives us a simple way, tell them about your faith and encourage them to tell their children about their faith and so on. This way, a living testimony for truth, is always kept alive in the world. Those that love the Lord are to hand down their witness of the gospel, and the covenant to their heirs. These heirs will pass it along to the next generation. 


Our first duty is to our family. A person who does not start his ministry at home is an inadequate witness. Now, all people who do not know Christ are to be sought by all means, and all the highways and hedges are to be searched. But home has a greater priority, and woe to those who reverse the order. 


To teach our children should be a personal duty. We cannot delegate it to teachers, or other friendly aids. These can assist us but cannot deliver us from the sacred obligation. Any substitutes are evil and insufficient. Mothers and fathers must, like Abraham, command their households in the fear of God, and talk with their offspring concerning the wondrous works of the Most High. Parental teaching is a natural duty. Who are more fit to look after a child's well-being as those who are the authors of life? 


Today I believe to neglect the instruction of our children is worse than wicked. Education in the faith is necessary for the world, for the family itself, and for the church of God. In a thousand ways insidious false teaching is covertly advancing in the world, and one of the most effective means for resisting it is almost always neglected, namely, the instruction of children in the faith. 


"Tell it to your children, and let your children tell it to their children, and their children to the next generation." (Joel 1:3).


Let's Pray 

Yahweh I pray that parents would awaken to the importance of educating their children in faith. God help us to talk about Jesus with our sons and daughters, so that they can be saved. My we never stop praying and instructing them in ways of God and may every house where this devotion is read honour the Lord in Christ's name, Amen. 


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