Law And Love

Law and love are nicely united in today's scripture. The word of God that we are called to obey, is the law of God. When we obey it, God's love is made complete in us—because we are living by God's law of love.

This is pleasantly simple, and circular. What shall I do? Whatever the law says I should do. How shall I show my love for God? By obeying the law found in God's Word. What happens when I obey God's law? The love of God is made complete in me.

Seen in this way, the Christian life is not mysterious. We don't have to wonder and fret about what God's will might be. We can find directions in the Word of God, especially in His law. We may have to examine which words apply to our actions, but the directions are always there for us. Does our question have to do with honesty, fidelity, or our use of time? The law of God has directives for these and other circumstances.

Today, do you know someone who truly seems full of the Spirit of Christ? I'll bet that person isn't a lawbreaker. I'll bet that person has long understood that obeying God's law is a simple and direct way of getting close to God. What about you? Has God's law of love been made complete in you?

If anyone obeys [God's] word, God's love is truly made complete in them. (1 John 2:5).

 Let's pray

Yahweh, help me to obey you. Help me not to question what you might want from me when I already know it. Show me wonderful things in your law that direct me to act with love for you and others. In Jesus's name, Amen.

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